Perth Amboy Rear-End Collision Lawyer

One of the most common collisions that you might experience on the road is when one car slams into the back of another. Although the liability for this crash may seem obvious, a skilled car accident attorney will tell you that there are numerous factors at play. Call a Perth Amboy rear-end collision lawyer to discuss the possibility of filing a lawsuit for damages.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Rear-End Crashes

Excessive speed, unsafe lane changes, and inattention often cause a rear-end accident. There is no reason for any driver to tailgate. They need to leave at least three car lengths from the car in front of them in order to have enough time to take evasive action and hit the brakes, even at 25 miles per hour.

Generally speaking, the person who came from behind is liable for a crash but the defense is going to say the plaintiff stopped short for no apparent reason or abruptly changed lanes, trying to shift the blame from the rear-ending driver.

Comparative Negligence in Rear-End Accident Cases

The best thing to do when investing a crash is to look for local businesses that have surveillance cameras. Many defendants try to place blame on the plaintiff without realizing that a local grocery store or hardware store has a surveillance camera that picked up the accident on tape. A lawyer who is immediately hired can send the tape off to the insurance company, and suddenly the lies vanish once they know there is proof of what happened. Many businesses save the video for a limited time.

A rear-end accident lawyer might need to go to the scene of the accident in Perth Amboy and look around. Too many lawyers practice law from their offices, but they need to go to where the accident happened and look around, knock on some doors, take pictures, and ask if there are any exterior cameras that are pointed at the street.

The defendant will often tell the police officer that they dropped their phone or some other item, or that they turned around to look at the building that was being constructed on the side of the road, and the plaintiff stopped suddenly, causing a collision. They will tell the truth at the time of the accident but their story changes once litigation begins. That is why it is important to get the police report immediately.

Insurance companies will require a person to give a statement as to what happened soon after the back-end crash. Sometimes the story that people say to their insurance company in those statements is different than what they say in the lawsuit. There are several different ways that an experienced lawyer can establish liability in every motor vehicle case.

Importance of Calling a Lawyer Immediately

It is not uncommon for injured parties to call the other motorist’s insurance company just to get their car fixed. They end up saying things in those recorded statements that end up coming back to haunt them when the injury case comes up.

There is also the issue of getting medical bills paid, since a chiropractor, orthopedist, physical therapist, or an MRI facility need to know who is paying their bill. They are not going to treat the injured person unless they know they are going to get paid. For both liability reasons and for medical treatment reasons, an injured driver should contact a Perth Amboy rear-end car crash lawyer immediately because they are only hurting themselves if they wait.

Delayed treatment raises red flags because the insurance company on the other side begins to think, “If you were really hurt, why didn’t you go to a doctor for a month?” Early treatment is crucial.

Get Legal Advice from a Perth Amboy Rear-End Collision Attorney

Car crashes often lead to serious injuries, which can dramatically change your life. You should not have to endure the financial fallout of this event. Call our firm to learn more from a Perth Amboy rear-end collision lawyer.

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