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Lutz, Shafranski, Gorman, Mahoney & Lazzaro, P.A. knows the value of giving back to one’s community. Since our firm’s founding in 1979, we have worked to help seek justice for those who have been legally wronged, but we have also taken steps to make our community a better place for all. Here are some of the ways we have been involved and supported causes we believe are important.

Helping Hand to the Homeless Nomination

Lutz, Shafranski, Gorman, Mahoney & Lazzaro, P.A. is thrilled to inform everyone of our new Helping Hand to the Homeless Nomination! This nomination aims to raise awareness of the ever-growing issue of homelessness in our communities and to encourage everyone to lend a helping hand to those in need. To nominate a child for their efforts to combat homelessness in their community, head over to our nomination page!

2023 Yellow Light Scholarship

Lutz, Shafranski, Gorman, Mahoney & Lazzaro, P.A. is currently offering the Yellow Light Scholarship! This opportunity is available to a student who has learned from a previous driving experience. In order to promote safe driving, our firm wants to hear about the driving experience you grew from and how it’s affected you since. Check out our scholarship page for more information.

One cause that is important to us is supporting those who suffer from or are affected by Ovarian Cancer. A member of our firm participates in the Annual Ovarian Cancer Walk every year. Additionally, our firm makes a yearly donation. Through these efforts we hope to increase awareness of the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of ovarian cancer. Earlier awareness is crucial to battling this disease.We encourage you to learn more about this cause and support those who are impacted by this detrimental disease.

Our firm also provides meals to families of Middlesex County through a community food drive hosted by the Middlesex County Bar Association. Every year, Attorney John Gorman participates in this program by helping to get food to families in need. By helping the local soup kitchen, John and the firm hope to make the days of those less fortunate just a little bit brighter.


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