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Traveling by vehicle is an integral part of daily life for millions, and most give little thought to the activity when they take to the roads each day. However, serious collisions occur regularly, and people can sustain devastating injuries. A New Brunswick car accident lawyer can offer you the help and guidance you need. Let a personal injury attorney help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Types of Negligence Leading to Car Crashes

Vehicle accidents can unfold in a variety of ways, and it is essential for those injured in such events to obtain the aid of a lawyer who is familiar with the differences and the ways in which liability is demonstrated in each one. Some of the most typical scenarios leading to severe injuries include:

A skilled New Brunswick car accident attorney will examine the facts of each one and look beyond just the drivers involved to determine whether a vehicle manufacturer, freight company, maintenance worker, or other entity should be the target of legal action.

How Car Accidents Impact Victims’ Lives

Considering the intense physical forces at play in car crashes, it should come as no surprise that those involved regularly sustain truly profound harm. Among the injuries routinely suffered are lacerations, broken bones, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, disfiguring burn injuries, and more.

The results of serious accidents tend to be not just physically damaging but also financially and emotionally challenging. Under such circumstances, the guidance of a car accident attorney in New Brunswick can make all the difference in the fight for compensation that may include resources for medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, therapy costs, physical suffering, emotional distress, lost wages, and more.

Initiating a Car Accident Claim

Though it can be challenging to know what to do immediately after a serious car accident, it is important to keep in mind the deadline to file a claim in New Brunswick is limited. According to N.J.S.A. 2A:14-2, those harmed in this manner generally have two years in which to file a lawsuit as a means to obtain financial recovery.

Those who may be concerned that their own actions may have contributed to their accident may be unsure of their legal rights. This is because under New Jersey’s modified comparative fault standard, as long as the injured claimant is not more than 50 percent to blame in an accident, they may still be awarded damages. A car crash lawyer in New Brunswick could answer all questions regarding eligibility to recover compensation for damages.

Fight Back with a New Brunswick Car Accident Attorney

When the unexpected happens, and a routine trip in the car ends in injury, you need to know there is someone on your side who can help fight for what is right. To learn more about your rights as well as your options for recourse following a significant auto crash, contact a New Brunswick car accident lawyer today.

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