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You cannot foresee if someone you interact with will do something unreasonable and cause you harm. You can be vigilant while shopping or driving, vet the doctors you choose, and read all directions on the products you use. But injuries often happen when someone else is careless for only a moment.

If you are injured, make sure you receive medical treatment and call a skilled legal professional. We evaluate the facts of your case and determine whether an insurance settlement or a lawsuit would be appropriate. Do not delay: a Milltown personal injury lawyer is standing by to help you.

What Constitutes a Personal Injury?

Most people think of car crashes when they think of “personal injuries.” Although that is one example, almost any situation where one person is negligent and causes harm to another is a personal injury. A plaintiff’s attorney must prove negligence for the jury to award compensation. Proof entails establishing the defendant had a duty to act reasonably but instead breached that duty, and the breaching action caused injury to the plaintiff. Examples of personal injuries are:

  • A negligent truck driver is not paying attention and crashes into a motorcyclist
  • A business or homeowner does not clear ice from their driveway and a person slips and falls, causing injury
  • A store owner in an area known for crime does not install lighting or hire security guards for the parking lot, and a customer is robbed on their premises
  • A bicyclist is harmed or a pedestrian is injured while crossing the street
  • A homeowner allows their dog to roam free and bites or attacks someone

Countless personal injury scenarios exist and could lead to a lawsuit with a Milltown attorney laying out a case for negligence by the defendant.

Should an Injured Party Settle with the Defendant’s Insurance Company?

Commercial and residential property owners, motorists, and physicians, among others, carry insurance to settle claims made against them for personal injuries. Most often, the defendant’s insurance company will press to settle for less than the case is actually worth. It is imperative for a plaintiff to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an injury. A personal injury attorney will fight for a fair settlement or push a case towards trial if the defendant does not make a fair settlement offer.

A lawyer’s first goal is to hear and understand a person’s story. They must then analyze police reports, medical results, video from surveillance cameras, cell phone pictures, eyewitness testimony, and experts to clarify events.

If a Plaintiff is Partly to Blame

Sometimes accidents are not entirely the defendant’s fault and the plaintiff holds some liability for what happened. For example, a motorist may have been speeding when they hit the pedestrian, but that pedestrian might have been crossing in the middle of the block rather than at a crosswalk.

New Jersey allows the pedestrian to recover damages according to the doctrine of comparative negligence if the plaintiff is not more than half responsible for the accident. The jury first assigns a percentage of fault to the parties. In the scenario above, if the motorist is found 80 percent liable and the pedestrian is 20 percent, an award of $100,000 to the pedestrian would be reduced by 20 percent to $80,000.

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If you are injured because someone else was negligent, we believe in fighting for the compensation you need and deserve to rebuild your life. We do our due diligence in collecting evidence and demanding fair compensation from the defendant’s insurance company.

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