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Most individuals go about their business each day and never expect to experience a personal injury event that leaves them with serious and lasting effects. However, the truth is that everyday accidents can cause physical and emotional damage from which it can be difficult to recover. If another party’s negligence has caused you to suffer harm in a vehicle accident, a slip/trip and fall, or in one of many other possible ways, a New Brunswick personal injury lawyer can help fight for the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

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What Are Common Types of Personal Injury Claims?

There are many causes that give rise to a personal injury claim. Though grocery store slips and falls or motor vehicle crashes may be what first spring the minds of many, the fact is that there are numerous ways in which negligence can give rise to life-altering consequences. The most common types of personal injury claims involve:

  • Incidents involving public transportation
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Workplace or construction site mishaps
  • Defectively designed or manufactured consumer products
  • Dangerous drugs or medical devices
  • Physical assaults
  • General premises liability scenarios

Though it is certainly true that the types of accidents listed do not always generate profound losses, they regularly yield a degree of physical suffering, emotional distress, ongoing disability, and financial harm for which monetary compensation may indeed be available. Those who have been injured in an accident should consult with a New Brunswick personal injury attorney capable of reviewing the facts, obtaining evidence, and formulating strong legal arguments on his or her behalf.

Consider Filing a Claim

While there are certainly personal injury events that result in only mild or temporary afflictions, far too often, accidents can also cause horrific damage. Some of the more profound injuries that regularly stem from personal injury accidents include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, disfigurement, and even death.

The law in New Jersey affords those impacted by another party’s negligence the right to seek full and fair compensation, including payment for a host of losses. The types of financial recovery potentially obtainable through a personal injury claim encompass compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost earnings, home accessibility modifications, physical pain, emotional strain, and more.

Preserving Rights in a Personal Injury Claim

Considering the severity of the accident, it is easy to understand why the aftermath of such events tend to be marked by confusion, worry, and indecision about where to turn for help. While in the midst of physical discomfort and emotional strain, it can be difficult for affected parties to shift gears rapidly and focus on asserting their rights. In New Brunswick, injured individuals have limited time to file a claim in court.

Per N.J.S.A. 2A:14-2, the time to initiate legal action on a personal injury claim is strictly limited. Injured individuals are afforded a period of two years following the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. For some claims, the statute of limitations is only one year. A skilled personal injury attorney in New Brunswick will help ensure that all relevant deadlines are met and that claims for compensation are preserved.

Contact a New Brunswick Personal Injury Attorney

Serious injury accidents can happen in a split second, changing life as you know it forever. If you or someone close to you has sustained harm due to the negligence of another, now is the time to take action. Contact a New Brunswick personal injury lawyer who can offer the guidance you need at the most critical moment.

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I was unfortunately involved in a car accident and was injured. I was recommended by several people to use John Gorman, Esq. John has a thorough knowledge of the law and walks through the process with you step by step. John takes the time to explain the phases of litigation and answers your questions as they come up. His staff is also very helpful and understanding. Mr. Gorman realizes that most people are not familiar with the legal system and takes the necessary time to make you feel comfortable. In the end, you will come out a winner with John Gorman, Esq. I was happy that I chose him to assist me with my lawsuit.

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Mr John Gorman is a great attorney he very nice and he take has time to explain the things and work with you I recommend this law office to anybody who has been injury in a car accident or in a fall recommend this Attorney me John Gorman he very friendly also

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Mr. Gorman fought hard to get me more money than they were offering. Call his office.

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I found, Mr. John Gorman, to not only be personable but knowledgeable. I was always able to reach him when needed, and I was very satisfied with my settlement.

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