Perth Amboy Head-On Collision Lawyer

Head-on crashes are one of the most common types of car accidents. This occurs when one vehicle leaves its lane, generally on a two-lane roadway, and strikes an oncoming vehicle face-to-face. This situation can leave you with significant injuries, which is why you should file any lawsuit with help from a Perth Amboy head-on collision lawyer.

How Do Head-On Crashes Happen?

Someone might leave their lane for several reasons and many of them are passing other cars in an unsafe manner. Slow drivers are common on major highways and interstates. If a motorist behind them gets impatient, they might pull into the oncoming lane to pass, and suddenly they hit a car that was approaching in the opposite direction.

In some cases, the motorist is drunk and does not realize they are in the wrong lane. Other people drift into the lane because they were distracted by something else outside or in the car – often they were reaching down to pick up something that they dropped. A crash can happen even if a driver takes their eyes off the road for five seconds.

Common Injuries

Head-on collisions often produce more serious injuries than other types of collisions, particularly at high speeds. If the car is going 25 miles an hour, a person’s body is also going 25 miles an hour and a crash is almost like they are hitting a brick wall. If a driver or passenger is wearing their seatbelt, they should not be thrown out of the car. Seatbelts are not designed to prevent injury; they are designed to keep a person from going through the windshield or from hitting the dashboard and sustaining worse harm. Some seatbelts even cause certain injuries, but they are better than the alternative.

Any time the body is thrust forward or backward beyond its normal capability, the neck can move in a few different planes, putting it at risk. When a person is controlling their movements, they are not going to make sudden jerky motions that go beyond the capability of the muscles, ligaments, and discs in their neck or their back. In a head-on collision, they do not get to control those forces; they simply have a tremendous force being applied to their head, neck, and spine.

People also sustain lower extremity injuries, femur fractures, and thigh bone fractures from hitting the dashboard. A Perth Amboy attorney could help someone identify all the injuries they sustained in a head-on crash and make a viable claim in court.

How an Attorney Handles a Crash Lawsuit

It is important that an accident gets immediately investigated. A Perth Amboy lawyer could go to the scene of a front-end crash, take pictures, knock on nearby doors, identify cameras, and look for skid marks on the roadway. They cannot practice law from their office – they have to go out and investigate what happened. They must also determine who the defendant’s insurance company is and write letters to them, putting the company on notice.

At LSGM, we generally file suit earlier than most firms because, in our experience, insurance companies do not often make good offers until the case is in the lawsuit phase. There is no pressure on them to make a good offer when the case is not in suit. Once we file, they have to start paying a defense lawyer to take depositions, review the documents, and do a defense exam. This puts pressure on them to end the matter as quickly as possible.

File Your Claim with a Perth Amboy Head-On Collision Attorney

Soon after your collision, you will likely receive a call from the other driver’s insurance company, asking if you would like a quick payout. Do not talk to them. Instead, call a Perth Amboy head-on collision lawyer to act as your intermediary. We are available to lead your claim for damages after you suffered harm in an auto wreck.

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