Recovering Damages for a Hit and Run in New Brunswick

The purpose of filing a car accident lawsuit is to acquire money to address your various losses. But what if the other driver left immediately, turning it into a hit and run? There are still paths to getting what you deserve. Ask an experienced hit and run accident lawyer for help in recovering damages for a hit and run in New Brunswick.

Finding an At-Fault Driver

A lawyer can do a DMV lookup on a license plate to identify the driver, the VIN number, or their insurance company. When a person renews their registration every year in New Jersey, they have to tell the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) who their car insurance company is, and they have to put a policy number on that form. A lawyer could acquire this information in a couple of weeks. The average person could not get access to information.

Recoverable Damages for a Hit and Run Lawsuit

The potential damages in a hit and run are the same ones recoverable in every other case. Non-economic damages are pain, suffering, disability impairment, the loss of enjoyment of life. The economic damages include medical expenses, therapy costs, and the income they may have missed out on.

If the plaintiff’s car insurance coverage only pays for a portion of the total medical expenses, the defendant’s insurance company must make up the difference. This is why it is critical to locate a driver who fled the scene – otherwise the plaintiff’s insurance might not be able to make up the entire cost.

No one wants to live with a bad back for the rest of their life or be unable to golf or coach their child’s Little League team. That is what the non-economic aspect of damages is supposed to account for. If a person is permanently disabled, a lawyer could get an economist to analyze their income and benefits to determine how much money they may be missing out on. Recovering damages for a hit and run in New Brunswick can be difficult but a lawyer has the resources to identify the full extent of the losses.

The Importance of Having Medical Coverage

A lot of cases get fouled up because the plaintiff’s medical bills exceed the $15,000 minimum coverage the other party has available. It may be difficult for plaintiffs, lawyers, and medical providers to get properly paid in that instance.

Everybody is going to have to take less than they otherwise would be entitled to because there is only so much money to go around if the other side has a limited policy. The drivers who have $15,000 minimum policies are not going to be people with significant personal assets.

That is why everyone should have good medical coverage on their auto policy and high uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. While the premiums might be higher than they would like, it will be a life-saver in the event they sustain significant injuries in a vehicle collision. It is not guaranteed that the at-fault driver will have the proper insurance or extensive personal assets.

Work With a New Brunswick Attorney to Recover Damages After a Hit and Run

Whether you get money from the at-fault driver or you have to rely on your own insurance policies, you need to be compensated for the harm you sustained in a crash. Recovering damages for a New Brunswick hit and run will be simpler when you work with a skilled personal injury attorney. Give us a call and schedule a free consultation.

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