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If you suffered burn injuries, you know the extreme pain and lengthy recovery they can cause. On top of the suffering is the high cost of treatment and the financial hardship caused by time lost at work. When a defendant is at fault for your burns, a catastrophic injury lawsuit may hold them financially liable for your financial costs and the pain you endured. You deserve talented representation to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

An experienced New Brunswick burn injury lawyer has the knowledge and skill necessary to pursue your claim. Schedule a consultation with our firm today.

Understanding Burn Injuries

Burns can cause severe damage and pain, but the type of burn can dictate both the severity of the condition as well as the type of harm caused in the body. Each type of burn has the potential to range from serious to minor, but when the burn is caused by another’s negligence, financial liability could attach to the defendant. Types of burns include:

  • Chemical Burns: A chemical burn may result from the body’s contact with a destructive chemical substance, including bases, acids, bleach, lye, and other dangerous chemicals. These burns can seemingly melt skin, and tend to leave it permanently disfigured. Fumes can burn lungs and lead to blindness.
  • Thermal Burns: Burns caused by contact with hot objects or substances can cause severe damage. This may include steam, flames, hot liquids, hot metal, and much more. The most common type of burn, these can cause a great deal of damage.
  • Electrical Burns: Contact with an electrical source of high voltage can result in burns. When electrical current runs through the body, it can burn the skin, nerves, and more. It can also cause other damage such as heart attacks and brain injury.

Each type of burn requires proof that the defendant was the cause of the accident. This proof is best demonstrated with the help of a qualified burn accident attorney.

Degrees of Burns

Burn injuries are classified by their degree of severity. A first-degree burn is typically considered superficial without a great deal of damage. Cold water may be sufficient to treat this kind of burn. A second-degree burn, in comparison, can cause large blisters and deep sores. These typically require specialized burn creams and wrapping by a physician, if not more.

A third or fourth degree burn penetrate several layers of a person’s skin. It may even reach down into the bones, muscles, and nerves. They can cause discoloration, charring, waxy appearance of the skin, or it may even require removal of the skin. Treatment may require skin grafts, long rehabilitation, and painful surgeries.

Finding the Right Attorney

Every person who suffers a burn injury due to another person’s wrongdoing should immediately contact a qualified lawyer. According to New Jersey Statute Section 2A:14-2, most personal injury cases must be filed within two years of the date the accident occurred. A qualified attorney can help ensure the case is filed in time.

A skilled lawyer knows how to properly present the case in order to maximize any potential compensation for the plaintiff. Every case has unique facts, but compensation is often available for negligently injured plaintiffs.

Consult a Burn Injury Lawyer in New Brunswick

After suffering a burn injury, you deserve to know what types of compensation could be available in your particular case. An in-depth analysis of the facts of your case could reveal potential compensation that could help put your life back together, but it could be at risk if an insurance company speaks to you before you call your own lawyer.

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