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Due to their size and the gross tonnage of cargo they can carry, tractor-trailers are both essential to New Jersey’s economic infrastructure and capable of causing immense damage in roadway accidents. Any time one of these massive machines collides with a car, bus, taxi, or motorcycle the outcome is often devastating and potentially fatal for both drivers and passengers in the smaller vehicle.

Civil recovery for both economic and non-economic damages is possible after a truck crash, but pursuing that recovery effectively can be difficult for anyone not represented by a skilled personal injury attorney to manage. If you want to maximize your chances of a positive case result, retaining a Perth Amboy truck accident lawyer should be one of your top priorities after this kind of incident.

Who Could Bear Responsibility for a Truck Wreck?

Just like every other motor vehicle operator, tractor-trailer drivers owe an implicit duty of care to everyone around them while they are in control of their vehicles. Any time a truck driver breaches this duty by violating a traffic regulation, allowing them to be distracted while driving, or doing anything else reckless or careless before or during a trip, they and their employers could be found civilly liable for damages they cause others to suffer in an ensuing accident.

In addition, trucking companies are sometimes directly liable for truck wrecks stemming from driver fatigue or improperly overloaded trailers, as these circumstances may indicate a violation of federal trucking regulations on the employer’s part.

Even third parties like mechanics, suppliers, and other drivers on the road could be partially or primarily at fault for this kind of incident, depending on the circumstances. Among numerous other things, a Perth Amboy 18-wheeler accident attorney could provide help identifying the best party for an injured plaintiff to file suit against and recover sufficient compensation from.

Potential Restrictions on Civil Recovery in Perth Amboy

Since truck crashes often result in severe long-term injuries and disabilities, civil recovery following this type of incident often must have an uncommonly broad scope. In addition to short-term economic losses like car replacement costs, lost work wages, and medical bills, skilled semi wreck attorneys in Perth Amboy may also be able to help injured parties seek restitution for long-term non-economic damages as well, such as physical pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment. These “non-economic” losses are usually the largest part of any trucking collision case

However, since all drivers owe a duty of care to the people around them on the road, any negligent behavior on a trucking collision victim’s part could result in a proportional reduction of their recoverable damages, as per New Jersey Revised Statutes §2A:15-5.1. Furthermore, under the civil statute of limitations codified in N.J.R.S. §2A:14-2, anyone who fails to get a big rig accident claim filed in court within two years of the incident in question runs the risk of being time-barred from recovering any compensation at all.

Talk to a Perth Amboy Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial trucks have the potential to cause catastrophic harm when they are involved in traffic accidents, as anyone who has ever collided with someone, unfortunately, knows all too well. If you were involved in such an incident within the last two years, you may have important legal options available to you if you want to seek fair civil compensation for the harm another party’s negligence caused you.

Talking to a skilled Perth Amboy truck accident lawyer may be a crucial first step to take on your road to comprehensive financial recovery. Call today to get a head start on your case.

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