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Pedestrians are often left unprotected from negligent drivers and other hazards where they are walking. Cars and trucks can easily cause severe damage to a pedestrian, or even lead to their death. You may have lost many of the positive aspects of your life as the result of an accident. Your trauma and the financial costs you have endured may be compensable in a personal injury lawsuit.

An experienced Perth Amboy pedestrian accident lawyer can examine your case and help assess the strength of the case. Schedule a consultation today for help.

Injuries Common in Pedestrian Accident Cases

A pedestrian’s injuries tend to be even more severe than in other types of accidents of the same amount of force. A person’s body does not stand a chance against a motor vehicle or other heavy object. The injuries that can result from an encounter with a defendant’s negligent conduct can leave a pedestrian permanently injured, scarred, and traumatized.

Pedestrian injuries often include, but are not limited to:

  • Severe lacerations
  • Death
  • Neck injuries and whiplash
  • Spinal cord damage and paralysis
  • Skin damage
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Loss of limb or organs

Injuries such as these, and more, can result from a pedestrian accident. When a defendant’s negligence is to blame, a personal injury attorney in Perth Amboy is ready to help seek compensation for the injured plaintiff.

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

After an accident, a plaintiff should immediately seek medical attention. No matter the level of the injury, medical attention is important for the plaintiff’s health and as evidence in an eventual personal injury case. A plaintiff should take care to document the injuries if possible and save any and all documents related to their medical care.

A plaintiff should seek the services of a knowledgeable attorney to help with the evidence collection process, and to file an eventual claim. An attorney can help the plaintiff track down witnesses, preserve necessary evidence, and begin to build a pedestrian accident case to seek money damages.

Handling Insurance Companies

Insurance companies for negligent defendants will often attempt to contact a plaintiff early on in a case, or before one is filed. These companies will often attempt to settle the case for a low amount and make claims that this amount is “fair” and nothing higher could ever occur. This common technique is designed to save the insurance company from paying the full extent of a plaintiff’s damages.

Representation by an attorney can help a plaintiff avoid these strategies by large insurance companies.

The Statute of Limitations

New Jersey Statutes Annotated § 2A:14-2 obligates most plaintiffs to file a claim for personal injury within two years of the date of the pedestrian accident. This time limitation is important. Failure to file in the right timeframe can result in dismissal of the personal injury claim for an injured pedestrian.

Exceptions for certain types of individuals may extend this time limit, but those exceptions are rare. A qualified attorney can help a plaintiff avoid this problem when it is brought to them in time.

Consult a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Perth Amboy

Pedestrians deserve to be able to walk safely. When a defendant’s negligence leads to your injuries, you can seek financial compensation with a personal injury lawsuit. This compensation may help repair your life and get closure on this time.

Do not speak to an insurance company until you have consulted legal counsel. An experienced Perth Amboy pedestrian accident lawyer is here to fight for you. Reach out for help today.

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