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A dog bite resulting in an injury is an emotionally scarring event. You might be able to recover from the owner of the dog if you suffered a significant injury. A Perth Amboy dog bite lawyer could help you recover damages for your injuries resulting from a dog bite.

A skilled injury attorney helps to navigate the legal requirements of proving a dog bite claim. Legal professionals with experience understand how to present the best case possible to help recover damages.A dog barring its teeth

Liability for a Dog Bite in Perth Amboy

Under New Jersey General and Permanent Statutes 4:19-16, an owner is liable for a dog bite if the victim is on or in a public place, or lawfully on or in a private place. Unlike other states, New Jersey does not require the owner to know former viciousness by their dog. If their dog bites somebody on public property or legally on private land, the owner is responsible for resulting injuries.

A victim is legally on private property if the owner invited them onto the land or they are performing a duty required by law or regulations. An invitation exists when the victim reasonably believes the owner welcomed them onto the property, such as a business open to the public. An attorney could help establish you were legally on private property in Perth Amboy when you suffered a dog bite injury.

A victim’s negligence may reduce their recovery. If the plaintiff provoked the dog or stuck their hand in the dog’s mouth, they may be found partly responsible, thus decreasing their damages.

Injuries Resulting From a Dog Attack

A plaintiff may recover for injuries arising directly from the dog bite. Dog bite injuries can include cuts or lacerations, scarring, broken bones, or any other significant damage. To recover for these injuries, the plaintiff must establish the bite was the cause of the injury, which an experienced Perth Amboy dog bite attorney could help with.

Injuries From a Dog Owner’s Carelessness

A victim may also recover from a dog owner even if the dog did not bite them. If the dog knocks somebody over or otherwise causes a person to suffer an injury, the dog owner may be held responsible under negligence. Negligence may be challenging to prove, but the victim must prove:

  • The owner had a duty to reasonably control the dog: A plaintiff establishes the duty by proving the person was the dog owner or had the dog under their care at the time of the attack.
  • The owner failed to reasonably control the dog and breached their duty.
  • The dog caused the victim’s injury due to the owner’s failure to reasonably control the dog.

Dangerous Dogs in Perth Amboy

New Jersey treats dangerous dogs with a heightened level of care. A dog is dangerous when an animal control officer believes the dog is a threat after an unprovoked attack on a person or animal. A court then holds a hearing to determine whether the dog is a dangerous animal or not.

An owner with a dangerous dog must get a special license to handle the dog, put warning signs up on the property, and keep the dog locked up or on a strong leash with a muzzle. A dog bite attorney in Perth Amboy could use the fact a dog is dangerous to help the injured claimant recover damages.

Meet With a Perth Amboy Dog Bite Attorney Today

If a dog has caused an injury, you should meet with an attorney. A Perth Amboy dog bite lawyer could help determine if you have a case and whether to move forward with a lawsuit.

Throughout the lawsuit, a legal professional could help you with the legal technicalities that arise. An experienced attorney could improve your chances of recovering for a dog bite injury.

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