Perth Amboy Bus Accident Lawyer

If you are injured in a bus accident, you might want to hold the person who caused the accident responsible. However, you may not know who is at fault for your damages. A Perth Amboy bus accident lawyer could answer those questions for you.

Who you recover from and what damages you recover from depend on the accident’s circumstances. A legal professional could help you determine the best course of your lawsuit and increase your chance of recovery.

Who Could Be At Fault for a Bus Accident?

There are several entities who could be held liable for a bus accident. It is best to speak to a bus accident attorney in Perth Amboy to determine the next steps to take.

The Bus Driver and Bus Owner

If a bus driver or the bus company’s actions caused the accident, they may be liable for any injuries resulting from the accident. In most situations, the bus company is liable for their driver’s actions. Under New Jersey law, an employer is responsible for their employee’s actions in their employment scope. Driving the bus is undoubtedly within the bus driver’s scope of employment.

The Third-Party Causing the Accident

If the plaintiff is a passenger on a bus when the accident occurs, a third party causing the accident may be liable. As a result of the third party’s actions, the plaintiff may potentially hold them responsible.

Responsibility for plaintiff’s injuries may be split between the third party and the bus driver and bus owner. Should the bus company bear any responsibility, the damages are divided in proportion to their share of liability. For example, if the third party was found 60 percent negligent, they are responsible for 60 percent of plaintiff’s damages.

Holding a Public Entity Liable For a Bus Accident

A plaintiff injured while traveling on a public bus could hold the New Jersey Transit accountable for damages, as they own all public buses. Suing a public entity involves legal technicalities and procedures not required in lawsuits against private companies. An experienced Perth Amboy attorney knows how to navigate these technicalities when bringing a bus accident lawsuit.

First, the plaintiff must notify NJ Transit of their claim within 90 days of the accident, or the lawsuit is barred. Additionally, New Jersey does not allow a lawsuit to begin within six months from the date of the claims notice.

Under New Jersey Administration of Civil and Criminal Justice 2A: 14-2, a plaintiff has two years from the accident to file their lawsuit. Unfortunately, courts will refuse to hear any lawsuit brought after two years. These time limits make it important to act quickly after a bus accident.

Find a Bus Accident Attorney in Perth Amboy to Help

As you prepare to file a claim for injuries sustained in a bus accident, you may want to reach out to an attorney. A Perth Amboy bus accident lawyer could help you recover for your injuries. Do not let the technicalities of suing a public entity prevent you from holding them liable for your damages.

A legal professional could help ensure your lawsuit is filed on time and against the right person. Your chance of recovering for your injuries could increase with the help of an attorney.

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