Bad Weather Truck Accidents in New Brunswick

Any weather conditions that are not clear and dry can affect a person’s ability to operate a vehicle. Looking out the window could tell you about the weather, but there are also winter weather advisories issued by the National Weather Service that will give warning about what to anticipate before you get on the road.

Because they are heavier, commercial motor vehicles are more difficult to maneuver in general, let alone in inclement weather conditions. Truck drivers must exercise greater care to ensure that their conduct is reasonable for the conditions and they do not cause bad weather truck accidents in New Brunswick. When you are injured because a commercial vehicle operator failed to consider the inclement weather, an experienced truck accident attorney could help you hold them responsible.

Safe Truck Driving

Typically, commercial vehicle operators need to slow down and maintain greater distances around other vehicles. Commercial driver’s license manuals always encourage drivers to have a plan in the event of a hazardous condition. Anticipating any hazards is part of making a coherent safety plan when they are operating a commercial motor vehicle. Commercial motor vehicles are more difficult to operate, so drivers must modify the way they are operating the vehicle to account for the hazards presented by the weather conditions.

Evidence in Bad Weather Crashes

Eyewitness testimony of the parties involved is the first important piece of evidence to prove fault in a crash. This includes testimony from witnesses at the scene and the police officer who responded. Next, a lawyer experienced in bad weather truck accidents in New Brunswick could get certified weather data records. In very significant cases, experts could testify about the weather conditions and establish the existence of hazardous weather. Other testimony could come from an accident reconstructionist who will take the weather conditions into account.

Trucking collisions caused by inclement weather are not handled like regular motor vehicle accidents. Commercial motor vehicles, operators, and carriers are subject to additional rules, both federal and statewide, and they should have knowledge of the commercial driver’s license manuals in the state where they are operating the vehicle. An experienced New Brunswick attorney could determine if there was a violation of the standards of vehicle operation in cases of bad weather truck incidents.

Recoverable Damages

When the court finds in favor of an injured party, they could collect two different types of damages. Non-economic damages include pain, suffering, limitations, disability, and loss of enjoyment of life. They could also recover economic damages, which typically are property damage, medical bills, and lost wages.

Getting help from a lawyer in New Brunswick could be crucial to recovering damages after a bad weather truck accident, especially if a person sustained catastrophic injuries such as broken bones, spinal cord damage, or a traumatic brain injury.

Work With a New Brunswick Attorney After a Truck Collision Caused by Bad Weather

Commercial vehicle operators have an added responsibility to drive safely in inclement weather. When they ignore their guidelines and cause an accident, they should be held responsible. It is possible that a representative from an insurance company will reach out to you right after the accident when you are injured, but you should call a lawyer before speaking with the insurance company. They will not want to pay as much as a lawyer could get for you. Contact our firm after your bad weather truck accident in New Brunswick to speak to a legal professional who could ensure you get any compensation you may be due.

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