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An injury to a young child can be a devastating thing to endure. The pain the child suffers through is destructive to their well-being and also for their parents. If the child endured injury as a result of someone’s negligence, you and your child could be entitled to significant financial compensation. A personal injury attorney can help you pursue justice on behalf of your child and your family.

An experienced New Brunswick child injury lawyer will help you assess the strength of your case and pursue the money damages you deserve.

Common Child Injury Accidents

Children are meant to be protected, so when they are hurt by another’s wrongdoing everyone suffers. Many child injuries are caused by a lack of supervision or carelessness of a person entrusted with their care. Other injuries could be caused by neglect, accidental harm, or even intentional abuse.

Children are harmed in many different ways, including, but not limited to:

Severe injury is possible to a child when they are not properly looked after. Negligent care or intentional abuse can result in financial liability for the wrongful defendant. A child injury attorney in New Brunswick can help seek compensation for the injured child.

Filing a Claim: Staying Within the Statute of Limitations

Most claims for personal injury are subject to a two year limitations period imposed by New Jersey Statutes Section 2A:14-2. This limitation creates a hard cutoff date by which a personal injury lawsuit must be filed, or it will be dismissed summarily. This could result in a loss of potential recovery because the plaintiff waited too long to contact a knowledgeable attorney. If a plaintiff contacts an attorney as soon after the accident as possible, this problem can be avoided.

Who is Responsible for the Injuries?

When a child is injured, who is responsible will depend on the unique situation presented. Different types of liability may occur depending on the specific facts of the case.

Individual Liability

The individual person responsible for the child’s injuries is a likely source of liability and recovery. This may include babysitters, daycare employees, medical professionals, teachers, or others who had an obligation to keep a child safe and unharmed. When the individual caused the harm through their wrongdoing, they may be financially liable for the costs of the child’s injuries and the family’s suffering.

Employer Responsibility

In many cases, a child is injured by an employee of a company. The doctrine of respondeat superior attaches liability to the employer when the employee injured the child in the scope and course of their employment. This opens up a much wider source of compensation as compared to suing only the employee individually.

Defective Product Cases

When a defective product causes injury, the product’s manufacturer may be financially responsible. These cases are complex, but with the assistance of qualified legal counsel recovery may be possible against a negligent manufacturer.

Consult a Child Injury Attorney in New Brunswick

Children should not have to suffer as the result of an accident or intentional wrongdoing. When their harm was the responsibility of another individual or a company, a personal injury lawsuit may hold them financially responsible. The defendant’s insurance carrier will try to put you on the record before you retain legal counsel. Do not let that happen.

An experienced New Brunswick child injury lawyer can help you fight for your child’s rights and compensation for those affected. Schedule a consultation today.

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