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Many commuters use motorcycles to help them avoid long delays due to their maneuverability. However, motorcyclists are at high risk in stop-and-go traffic because occupants of larger, enclosed vehicles often do not see them. Motorcycle crashes often cause catastrophic injuries, and tragically, many riders are killed.

Survivors and the families of people killed in motorcycle crashes should contact a compassionate personal injury attorney. An East Brunswick motorcycle accident lawyer could help you navigate the legal process and ensure you receive appropriate compensation for your injuries.

Motorcyclists Do Not Get No-Fault Benefits

New Jersey is a no-fault state for automobile accidents, meaning that each driver turns to their Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage regardless of who was at fault. Although motorcycle riders must have liability insurance, they do not have the option to purchase PIP that will cover them if they get injured while riding.

If a motorcyclist suffers losses in a crash, they could claim against the at-fault driver’s liability coverage. Unlike drivers, bikers always have the right to sue regardless of the severity of their injuries.

Crashes often cause motorcycle riders to suffer catastrophic injuries and the medical bills could be astronomical even if the rider has good health insurance. An East Brunswick motorcycle crash attorney could negotiate with healthcare providers to accept a medical lien against a rider’s eventual insurance settlement or verdict, relieving the rider of the annoyance of collection calls.

Laws Governing Motorcyclists

Motorcycle riders must obey all traffic laws applicable to cars and other vehicles. In addition, New Jersey has enacted several laws that apply only to motorcycles. If a biker gets into an accident and files a claim against another party, the insurance company for the potentially responsible party will attempt to blame the motorcyclist for the accident, reducing their liability. Defeating these claims is easier when the biker complies with all applicable laws.

The state has a universal helmet law codified in New Jersey Statutes Annotated § 39:3-76.7. Anyone riding on a motorcycle must wear an approved helmet, and every rider must wear goggles or a face shield unless the motorcycle is equipped with a wind screen. Motorcycle operators must either have a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license or a motorcycle license.

Many states prohibit lane splitting or filtering, which is the practice of riding on the white line between lanes of traffic. New Jersey law is silent on the topic, but motorcyclists could receive a ticket for failing to stay to the right. If a negligent driver tries to reduce their liability by raising the issue of motorcycle lane-splitting, an East Brunswick attorney could cite the fact that the state does not prohibit it.

Proving Another Party’s Negligence Caused Injuries

The negligent party in a vehicle crash is responsible for compensating others who suffered losses.

Motorists often have responsibility for motorcycle crashes because of the phenomenon of not seeing a motorcycle in their line of sight. Drivers look for larger vehicles and do not notice motorcycles, leading the drivers to turn in front of them, merge into their lane, or rear-end them in stop-and-go traffic. An East Brunswick attorney could review police reports, witness statements, video from dashcams or surveillance video, and other relevant information to collect evidence of motorist negligence.

The negligent party, or their insurer, is liable to pay the biker’s damages, including compensation for their pain and suffering. Insurers sometimes offer a motorcyclist a cash settlement before they have an opportunity to consult an attorney. These early settlement offers do not reflect the biker’s actual damages and a wise person would refuse to discuss the situation with an insurance company representative until they have legal advice.

Rely on an East Brunswick Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Manage Your Claim

Motorcycle incidents sometimes have devastating consequences, and the continuing bias against bikers means survivors and victims’ families do not always get the compensation they deserve. An East Brunswick motorcycle accident lawyer could ensure insurance companies treat you fairly.

Insurance companies will take advantage of anyone without legal representation. Contact an aggressive accident attorney today.

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